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When life gives you lemons

After, I read David's Our Blog was a Lemon, I had a few thoughts to share:


When life gives you lemons make lemonade!

Making lemonade is a process. I’m serious—I made some lemonade from scratch a few years ago.


Dave was concerned about the slowing of posts over the summer, yet I believe that success doesn't come from complacency or vacations. It comes from working passionately. I know he agrees.

I also know that we are efficient, focused writers and reach deadlines quickly and thoroughly. However, I also know that interval training is the thing that makes one go further longer. This is something to consider.


Dave began reviewing who read our blog. Writers? Readers? Adults? Teens? And the better question who did we want our readers to be? This really made me think—about what Dave and I create.

You know what I find fun about working with Dave besides consistent, habitual, guaranteed work? Variety.

Our film script portfolio has everything from a psychological thriller, to an action adventure, a western with a female protagonist, to even a coming-of-age story.

And right now, I love the idea that we don’t have just one thing. I love that things are still so malleable. I know this may cause some chaos in the world of who will read our work or where we are headed but I have faith that this path will work itself out as our stories continue.

Our first novel is a young adult novel, yet the blog reader demographic is adults roughly our age. So I got curious and went to my handy dandy friend Google to see who spends more money, men or women, young or old, and came across this article.

I took a deep breath there.

Our numbers did drop over the summer perhaps because there were less posts, but I also think they may have dropped for the same reason that we produced a little less. It’s summer. People are on holidays, at the cabin or the beach. It made some sense.


I will forever appreciate how Dave’s brain is so deeply analytical compared to mine (which somedays feels like it’s all gut and feeling). Good thing I’m not a lawyer.

He began researching, investigating, reading, data collecting. And as he said, we had a long meeting where he spoke for a long time and I wrote notes not to interrupt him. And then… he ended with “maybe I just need to be patient.”

I have a terrible poker face. Dave read me right away while he talked about everything and I sat and learned. I did appreciate the lesson but I am also a technophobe. He's right about that.

He ultimately said it best in the post:

They were built with time and patience, something I know I needed, even though I wanted to skip all of it.

Change is definitely good.

In The End:

I like the new look of the blog and I agree that work leads to success. I agree that we need to write more. I don’t mind that the newsletter is gone. And I know Dave is really glad about losing it since he did all the work on it.

But I love lemonade. It's a process. Pick your best lemons, make the syrup, squeeze the lemons, strain, mix, share. You get the picture. Whichever way you slice it, it's still lemony goodness.

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