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While Ang is Away

Dear Ang,

Things are going well. I see you’ve been editing the book lately. I’ll get to it soon, I just have to finish these African film reviews.

Talk soon.


Dear Ang,

Okay, I’m finally done the African film reviews (it definitely took longer than I expected). But now we’re heading up to the lake because my wife, your sister, has a few days off from her job that pays the bills for us to do this writing partnership thing.

I’ll work on my edit while I’m there.



Quick note. The internet sucks up at the lake, which makes me nervous about working on the book or the newsletter or a blog post…

But I’ve been busy: I’ve built and installed a sink, rewired lights, finished my deck, built steps to the deck, and did some other stuff for Mom.

Here are pictures of the stairs and deck. Your sister suggested that I make the steps out of driftwood and I always do as I'm told:


PS - The weather is beautiful. You'll have a nice time if you visit in August.

PPS - Do you like the picture of me at the top? It's Anna's big straw hat. I don't think it suits me.


I’ve decided to say to hell with the book. I’ve read the first ten pages and they seem good, but I just can’t find the time to do my edit.

Life is swell.



This may be the last transmission you hear from me.

Sell the book as it is.
Sell the website.
Sell everything.
I’m never coming back.

Best to you and the family.


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