| David Gane

"Who are the people you seek to serve?"

This question flips the script on “Why do we do it?” and “Who do we do it for?”

Why do we it? Because we like doing it. Because we want to make money. Because we can.

Who do we do it for? Teenagers. Parents of teenagers. Mystery lovers. People who read.

These answers may be true, but they’re also very bland and point the direction inwards. It’s all about me and not about you.

Ask it the other way: Who are the people I seek to serve?

Now, it’s all about you, but also how can I help you? It connects and creates value.

Even better, if a person operate at this level, it means you can leverage that change and your generosity that flows outwards can resonate in this world for the better.

(Photo by: Edward Franklin)

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