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Writing in different places

Last night Ang and I had one of our regular meetings. My son was at practice, so I holed up at the university pub, The Owl, and Ang joined me from the comfort of her home. We synced up over Slack, chatted over Facetime, and looked through our shared folder of documents.

One of the goals we have as writers is to be able to work and travel at the same time. Ideally, we hope we're on different continents—but in this case, we were only on different sides of the city.

While none of this is new—teams have been working remotely for a long time—the idea of applying this to a writing partnership still seems to intrigue people.

The answer to the question—How do you do it? How do work with a writing partner?—is found in a simple meeting like this one.

We meet up (wherever that is), figure out what needs to be done, assign tasks, check each others work, discuss things that don't make sense, disagree with things we don't like, and find common ground to move forward.

But most importantly, we show up every day and do the work—just like any other job.

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