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Writing Partner

Ah man, now it—this blog—is a thing.

We're writing. Ang and I are now updating it on a regular basis. She posted something, so now I have to post something, sometimes more than once a week, because we're "productive."

Half the time, during the building of a story, one of us is writing and one of us isn't. On our last script, I slept through one writing session, because I was tired, and more importantly, because I could.

See, the nice thing about having the writing partner is that you can do that. We both don't need to be running at high speed, 24-7 and pumping out good work. We can run at different speeds, at different energies, and different levels of creativity.

And the reason is because we cover each other's asses. We work off each other energies. When Ang writes and I am sucking, I know that the next time I have to bring it. And when she sucks (I can't even count the times—note, this is sarcasm), then I carry the weight for that day.

We each have our own specialities, but we aren't limited to just those divisions. We both can walk across to our consociate's side and help each other out.

That's what makes us good at doing what we do.

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