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Writing vs. writing

I haven’t posted on the blog for quite a long time and here's my reason (whether it's good or bad is up for you to decide): for most of the summer, I’ve been working on Book 3, either reading and editing the first half or writing the second.

However, since I found some time waiting for students to stop by during my office hours, I thought I’d share a post.

Book 3

This book has taken a little more out of Ang and I. We went in with a solid enough outline, except for the final section, where we had a big gaping hole that we knew needed to be filled.

Unfortunately, as we were writing, our villain changed a lot. Without giving away too much, I think we’ve seen his motives (this is announced on page 1, so not really a spoiler) change about five different times. It’s been interesting and has required a lot of rethinking and rewriting of scenes.

So what’s this have to do with the blog?

I think there is Hemingway quote (Don’t quote me. I should look it up for correct attribution, but I’m lazy and barely going to get this post out as it is), that says something like, “Sorry for the long letter but I didn’t have time to write you a short one.”

That’s sort of how I feel. I could give you a good blog post, but I don’t have the energy and focus to do it, because all of it is in trying to write our next damn book!

When I’m writing the book, my headspace is 100% in that world. I am constantly thinking about solving story problems when I’m writing, when I’m not writing, when I’m driving, when I’m walking the dog, and, unfortunately, when I’m hanging out with my family. And since this book has been more of a challenge, it has taken up more of my brain power.

Usually, when I write for the blog, it’s usually easy enough. But then comes the editing and it takes far too much time and thought. I can barely figure out the book some days, so why add another process to the mix.

(Ang and I even joked that she should write this post for me and I would just put my name on it.)

Fortunately, we are getting to the end of Book 3. We still are looking for about 7000 words and have a bunch of pieces we still need to fill in and make stronger, but we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. The prologue and Part 1 has gone to our editor and I hope to get her our troublesome (at least in my mind) Part 2 to her in the next week.

So that’s it. I have no fancy way out of this post, except to say thank you to Ang for keeping the blog running while I’ve been absent, and to mention you should send her some love on our Facebook page.

Talk soon.

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