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You may be wondering...

If you've visited Counios and Gane over the past few months, you may have noticed a few changes and wondering what's going on.

Well, wonder no more. Here is a brief explanation in its simplest form.

It's business time!

Although Dave and I are writing partners and have collaborated for years with script writing and now Along Comes a Wolfe, we are now also business partners.

Dave bravely decided to shut down Swift Flowing Writer's Collective and focus Counios and Gane as a business partnership for our writing endeavors.

I think that Swift Flowing required a lot of time and energy and every second he put into it was taking time away from writing and marketing.

Besides the writing and selling of books, there was also the building of the book, formatting, coding the ebook version, and a whole bunch else, and I would walk into the office and watch him code and think, "Holy shit what is he doing? Poor guy!"

In fact, by the time we actually published Along Comes a Wolfe, he was so exhausted, he had lost the passion to promote it.

I'm also positive that this took the fun out of what David loved, which was telling and sharing our stories with you.[1]

Eventually, Dave took a business development course through the Saskatchewan Arts Board (which he highly recommends), and realized how far he was from his central goal of writing and knew it was time to make a change—and besides why should I be having all the fun?

I also think that working together has helped refocus our goals as well and alleviate some stress.

And Heather makes three.

Forming the company wasn’t the only thing we did. We also handed over the reigns of publishing and producing our books to someone else.

When we started searching, we knew we weren’t ready to move totally away from self-publishing—we really like the independent DIY nature of the process.

We also wanted someone close to home, a fellow Saskatchewanian or Reginian who lived down the street, whose accountability was tied to this proximity. It may sound odd but there's a comfort in knowing you can actually knock on your publisher's door when needed.

We looked at several options and we found the trouble was that many companies prey on people’s vanity of being published as well as their lack of understanding of the process. Often, instead of publishers, we would talk to marketers who only wanted the sale.

It wasn’t until we sat down for coffee with Heather Nickel from Your Nickel’s Worth Publishing, that we knew we had met our person.

Our first meeting was in a coffee shop—how awesome is that! She brought a stack of her products—also awesome. So we had something tangible from her right in front of us and we talked for a long time, interviewing each other. We liked that she stood behind her work, was personable and professional, and was really focused on the business of publishing.

More importantly, she offered us ways to make our books better, from the look, feel, and design of the book.

What's next?

As we move Along Comes a Wolfe under the imprint of Your Nickel’s Worth Publishing, we’ve pulled the books off the shelves, website, and ebook stores.

There'll be a fresh redesign and re-release of Along Comes a Wolfe in October. Then in November, we’ll be releasing Book #2 of Shepherd and Wolfe—just in time for the Christmas season!

So, if you were hoping to get Along Comes a Wolfe, please be patient—the re-release is coming in Fall 2016—and we promise to keep you updated on all our progress and news.

  1. I can only guess this, since I didn't do that side of the work and it didn't look like something I wanted any part of. ↩︎

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