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Your Secret Superpower

This morning, I sifted through the multiple reactions to yesterday's events and I came across this tweet from Shane Parrish:


It reminded me of the the gap between stimulus and response and the secret superpower it holds.

Worst Case Scenario

I know in the moments when fear or terror strikes me, my imagination kicks in and the worst of the worst happens in my mind. My immediate instinct is to run—I'm not a fighter, I never have been.

To get back in control, I really have to step in and redirect my thoughts to realize things aren't truly as bad as I'm envisioning them.

When the bad thoughts swirl, I always have to remind myself that they are in the indeterminate future. They exist in the possibility of "if." Nothing is concrete, nothing is real—these are all suppositions of assumed evidence and never hold real proof.

I also have to grasp what sits only in my sphere of concern and remains outside my sphere of influence. There are many things I can worry about but often hold nothing that I can actually take action on and cause change.

Take Action

However, I also learned a few years ago that when shit does start going bad, and my fears become real, I need to start considering ways in which I can make change and take action.

Back then, I sat on the sidelines once and kept quiet because of fear. I didn't act when I should have. I don't know what I would have done, but I know my silence did nothing—and only added to the problem.

So, I'm going to leave it there and wrap this up.

I'd have to say that when things feel uncertain, scary, or beyond control, we always have the choice on how to respond—in our attitude and our actions.

Hold strong to your values—it's home to your remarkable resilient superpower of choice—between what happens around you and what you do next.

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