The Counios and Gane Show

  • | David Gane

    Word Counts

    This week it’s all about word counts on our books.

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  • | David Gane

    Why People Read

    We've been answering introspective questions lately and one of our favourites has been: "Why people read?" View Post
  • | David Gane

    What we keep

    For every 2-3 minute video, we film about 5 minutes worth of footage. That means a lot is cut out and sometimes we cut out some fun stuff. View Post
  • | David Gane

    Is Angie finally done with David?

    We're talking about new processes and David's habit of trying lots of them and convincing Ang to get onboard—before he eventually (always) totally abandons them. View Post
  • | David Gane

    Book Reviews

    We need your help with reviews on our books. Whether it's on Goodreads, Amazon, or even our website, your reviews help others discover us and The Shepherd & Wolfe Mysteries. View Post
  • | David Gane


    We're back in the room today to talk about our gratitude for all of you. View Post
  • | David Gane

    Reflections on a month of promotion

    After a month of promoting, we are at an end. Today we talk about our general impressions of promoting "Wolfe in Shepherd's Clothing" across the province. View Post
  • | David Gane

    2 x 5 Reflections on Cathedral Village Art's Festival

    On Sunday, we reflected on our experience of having a booth at this year's Cathedral Village Arts Festival by each giving you each of our five memorable things. View Post

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