The Counios and Gane Show

  • | David Gane

    Inspiration for Shepherd's Watch

    Today we're sharing some of our inspiration for Shepherd's Watch, since we did a little tour of some of the locations that inspired the book. View Post
  • | David Gane

    Keep on creating

    On our drive home from our book signing in Nipawin, we stopped to look at a place north of Tisdale that could best be described as found art: household items attached to a fenceline and tables. View Post
  • | David Gane

    Advice for a new writer

    Angie and David answer a question from the magic satchel today: What advice would you give for a beginning writer? View Post
  • | David Gane

    How we collaborate

    Often we get questions about how we work together, so we decided to TRY and make a video that explains our process...

    It didn't work out like we expected. View Post
  • | Angie Counios

    Did Ang spoil a secret?

    Today we talk about some of our favourite encounters at Indigo in Saskatoon last weekend. View Post
  • | David Gane

    Travelling together

    We talk about the other side of book signings: the car ride. Spending a lot of time together on the drive to an event leads to a lot of conversations...and sometime a lot of silence. View Post
  • | David Gane

    How to Read

    If you have trouble committing to the habit of reading, use this handy bit of advice Ang received from her brother when she told him she wasn't a big reader. View Post
  • | David Gane

    What's Happening?!

    We’re back from our recent book signing at McNally Robinson in Saskatoon and share a couple of stories. View Post