• Wolfe in Shepherd's Clothing
  • Wolfe in Shepherd's Clothing

Wolfe in Shepherd's Clothing


The third exciting book in the Shepherd & Wolfe series.


"It was darker. I loved it. And hated it. I'm a reader that can picture things. I will go to bed and dream about it. And that's good. That's what I read a book for. Typically I read Lisa Jackson, Iris Johanson... This was a great creepy !!!"

- The perfect response from one of our readers.

Be careful who you trust.


When Charlie Wolfe winds up homeless, Tony Shepherd's family takes him in. But Tony's parents have one request: No more mysteries!

The boys want to keep their word ... but someone is leaving dismembered bodies around the city and Detective Gekas is asking what they know. Soon, Tony and Charlie are caught in a labyrinth of lies and death—and not everyone is as they seem.

Can the boys escape unscathed or will someone they care about end up dead?

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