Blood Drops
Blood Drops
Blood Drops
WB Welch

Blood Drops

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About the Book

Whether we are following WB through a grim future where human meat is on the market or trailing slowly behind while she introduces us to Marie Laveua's daughter, you can be certain of one thing: you will be surprised. 

Meet the friend you didn't know Dahmer had; watch a young girl follow behind a mass murder attack; be witness to a small moment that ripples through families. The best and most brutal of WB's works has been brought together in this all too believable collection.

Includes a total of eighteen tales.

Stories include:

  • Her
  • Undo
  • Slipping
  • Siren
  • Alone in the House
  • Antics
  • House Arrest
  • Mall Food
  • Meat Aisle
  • The Water Stain
  • Heart Problems
  • Laveau
  • The Birth
  • The Look
  • Love/Death
  • Beneath the Surface
  • Nighttime Terror
  • Girl in the Pink Coat

About the Author

WB Welch often focuses on the darker side of human emotions, striving to write honest fiction with texture.

WB has always loved learning and new experiences. She worked for her college paper, at a law firm, in the family dental business…she rented a photo studio for a year, started a natural beauty and skincare line, was a certified personal trainer, and she recently completed a full-stack web development program. Thankfully, during all that time, she found her way back to fiction and is very happy to call herself a writer.

She is a contributing author on Oh My Darlings! and Tory Hunter Books.

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David's Review

I really liked that many of the stories are more like sketches, rather than fully fleshed out stories (no pun intended). They tease a scenario, often setting a tone or a mood, and stepping away before the true fallout occurs. "Antics" was definitely one of my favourites.

However, WB takes us into uncomfortable situations. Not just gore or violence, but painful death and illicit sex and to her credit, digs around in the character's psyche to consider the reason why. Although the genre is right up my alley, I do think readers who are squeamish or responsive to sensitive situations might want to avoid this. 

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