What the Readers Are Saying


"Gripping.... once I picked it up, I couldn't stop reading it until I reached the last page!" - M. H. from Washington DC

“The book is soooo exciting. I don’t want to put it down. I am about three-quarters done. So suspenseful....I just finished your book. I loved, loved, loved it. It was so exciting and awesome. You and Dave are fantastic writers. I am so impressed. Can hardly wait to read more!!! I thought it would be good but honestly never expected it to be so intriguing – big word for me..lol” - Penny Walker, Regina, SK

“Finally had some down time this week to really dig into your book...Damn getting good now! Well done!!...Can’t honestly remember when I have just sat and read other than at the beach somewhere which is a faded distant memory. Much appreciated...Wow. Done the book. Got to the last page and turned it over and was like – Really? That sucks. It’s done. Good sign. Means it was a good read. Reads like a movie. Did someone option it? When is the sequel coming out? The writing is vivid enough that it already reads like a movie. Kids could probably identify..." - Theresa Trakalo, Regina, SK

"Just started the book and I’m hooked.
I’m almost halfway through..." - Jana Wlock Churchill, MB

"The dialogue sounds like kids exactly. Well written. Lots of detail. It was scary. It makes you care about the characters. I read a book this summer where I didn’t care at all what happened to the characters. In this I do because it’s so full of details..." - Tracy Wharran, Regina, SK

"I am on page 104 and I’m loving it. I just read the sentence 'somewhere across the plain, howling beneath the surface of the fields, an animal howled. And the boy knew he had to hurt someone again.' I literally said the word 'Dark' out loud to myself. I am so intrigued." - Mike Scott, Regina SK

"Loved your book, the characters were brilliant, the story line was fantastic and I found it impelling, difficult to put down." -Colin Vigus, London England, UK

"I just wanted to say your book is amazing and I couldn’t put it down!!! I ignored my family for the day and finished it. It was so so so so good. Can’t wait for the next one. I am thankful for the amazing book. Both my parents said 'You don’t read.' I said ‘Yes, but when you have a book this good you can’t put it down.' I needed to know who the killer was." - Dane Boneville, Alberta

"I just finished reading your novel! I am so proud of you and your writing partner. What a great story. As a math geek, I am not an avid reader; however, I found your book to be easy for me to read. It kept my interest which is a huge accomplishment! Congratulations to you and David! I look forward to reading the sequel." - Joan, Regina, SK

"'Along comes a Wolfe' is an amazing read. I was hooked before the end of the prologue. Being from the area I recognized landmarks that were described and the mixture of the known and unknown elements of the setting made my imagination run wild with images as I read. The characters were great and some reminded me of people I've met throughout my life. This was a fantastic book and I would recommend it to anyone. I cannot wait for the next book." - Melanie Vollman, Regina SK

“Okay. This is getting creepier...so disturbing!!! But I love it!! [And] it’s the funniest thing I’ve read so far. I’ve got two friends waiting for me to finish it so they can read it...Just finished and OMG I want more!!!!!!!!!!!! I really enjoy them together, Charlie and Tony. Write more! Go, go, GO!!!!!" - Humna Ali, Regina, SK

"Thanks for the great traveling companion, 'Along Comes a Wolfe.'" - Sejal Thakkar (on holidays in Mexico) Regina, SK

"Thanks for the book...It’s quite good...Finished the book last night. Couldn’t put it down until I finished it. Lol" - Maurine, Regina, SK

"I do enjoy the short chapters. Because once you start one you’re obligated to finish so it’s easier to leave off if I have to stop. It’s an easy and fast paced read and I haven’t gotten bored but my hands hurt actually, because it’s a new stiff book. I haven’t noticed any dry boring parts. It flows at a great pace. You know how some books you can skip a few pages and not miss anything when it gets too dry? I haven’t had that problem. I need to know Charlie’s weird deal. It’s a definite on your toes-want to keep reading-can’t figure it out story. And I really enjoy how it switches from the killer to the boyfriend when you read it. I think that’s my favorite part about it. I promised my boyfriend I would cook dinner tonight however I can’t put the book down so he’s doing all the cooking and I had to bribe him with sex later so I can continue reading because I just can’t put it down. 'Did you seriously touch the donuts?' I laughed out loud. Charlie is hilariously weird." - Anon, Regina, SK

"Am I Sheri Beckman???? Sofia Bekar….Sheri Beckman? Coincidence? I think not!" - Sofia Bekar, Regina SK

Just got back from Cuba late last night. My goal was to finish your book on the trip and I did it! I loved the familiar references...I am excited to read the next one." - Amanda Vindevogel Cundall, Regina, SK

"Finished your book last night!!! I really could have been done sooner but I didn’t want it to be done so soon. It was a great read and it challenged a few emotions and creeped me out too. I can’t wait for the next one. I’ll have to say it was my first murder mystery." - Crystal Barlas, Regina, SK

"Just wanted to let you know I read your masterpiece and enjoyed it greatly and look forward to the next Tony Shepherd and Charles Wolfe book. It was a 'clear and present danger' to my free time. I truly can’t wait for volume 2" - Craig Bates, Regina, SK

"Hey! I just started reading your book tonight. It’s awesome. I’m almost 100 pages in. I can’t believe you guys wrote this together. It flows so nicely. You can’t tell two people wrote it. I can’t wait for you to write adult content." - Dimitra P. Regina, SK

"I read your book in two sittings! Congratulations, it is really well written and suspenseful." - Lisa Smyth Montgomery, Regina, SK

"Congratulations!! I’m starting the 6th chapter. I bought your book for Kindle while waiting for a plane in Tampa today. So far I’m loving it.
I finished your book. It was great. I really enjoyed it and had trouble putting it down...I thoroughly enjoyed the read. I was kept guessing until the end and was shocked when I found out who the murderer was." - Kathy Mckenzie, Regina, SK

"I spent Christmas and Boxing Day reading your novel, which I loved! The suspense was great...I chuckled at all the Regina references or generational references! (Tom Petty and Free Falling). Anyway, thanks so much—it was a great Christmas present!" - Sheila Petty, Regina, SK

"Just finished your book and wanted to let you know I loved it. I read lots and lots of mystery novels and your book had me just as captivated as some of my favorite authors. Congrats – I hope you and Ang write at least a few more Shepherd and Wolfe novels." - Nial Mcfadyen, Toronto, ON

"Don't dismiss Along Comes a Wolfe as 'just' a young adult novel. Despite the high school setting, the story starts off with the glimpse into the dark and methodical thoughts of a serial killer and the suspense only increases from there. The development of the two unlikely heroes is believable and entertaining - Tony Shepherd is a typical student but begins to learn things he never wanted to know about the world and himself, while the enigmatic Charlie Wolfe knows far too much for someone his age and likes to stay above the fray because he already knows all the bad things life can bring. But he is dragged by Shepherd into putting his skills to work to try and prevent further murders. The villain is chilling and the plot is relentless and unpredictable. This is a terrific first novel, and I hope just the first of many books about Shepard and Wolfe. Definitely worth the read!" - Kevin Johnson, St. Paul, MN, USA

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